Club Guide

On August 19, 2023, I decided to start writing the Complete Guide to Setting Up and Running a Remote Model Yacht Club.  My guide is a work in progress. Following is my first draft, including the chapters I’ve decided upon to date:

  1. The Allure of Model Yachting: An Introduction
  2. Mapping Out the Vision: Planning the Club’s Structure
  3. Essential Gear: Tools and Equipment for Model Yachting
  4. Recruiting Members: Building Your Core Team
  5. The Virtual Connection: Technology in a Remote Model Yacht Club
  6.  Hosting Events and Competitions: The Heart of the Club
  7. Financial Management: Budgeting and Funding Opportunities
  8. Marketing and Outreach: Boosting Your Club’s Presence
  9. Setting Sail: Conducting Your First Remote Regatta
  10. Club Etiquette: Ensuring Smooth Sailing for All
  11. Continuous Learning: Workshops and Training Sessions
  12. Collaborating with Other Clubs: Expanding Your Horizons
  13. Addressing Challenges: From Tech Issues to Member Conflicts
  14. Celebrating Success: Recognizing Achievements and Milestones
  15.  The Future of Remote Model Yachting: Trends and Innovations